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Believe It or NOT ? 

Now you can make yourself BULLET and EXPLOSION resistance glass / door / wall with Simple steps D.I.Y.


With STEC 1Armour and Ballistic resistance laminates and shield, you can turn your existing door / window glass into BALLISTIC level. Protects you and your belonging from Bullet, Explosion, Robbery, Hijack, Smash, Flying stone, Petrol Bomb, etc.



STEC 1 Armour Installation and Fabrication Service.


STEC Malaysia provides direction installation and vehicle fabrication as below.

Domestic Malaysia and Oversea service are available.


  • Vehicle installation for armour resistance laminates

  • Building glass installation for security and armour resistance laminates.

  • Building glass installation for Explosion resistance level.

  • Security vehicle fabrication for SUV from Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, etc.

  • Cash in Transit vehicle from Panel van.

  • Bullet resistance glass for VIPs vehicle

  • Armour car upgrading for Cash Transport vehicle

  • Armour car upgrading for any model for VIPs vehicle


STEC 1 Armour offer fabrication and installation service for:


  • Cash In Transit Vehicle

  • Anti robbery Truck or Thriller

  • VIPs vehicle

  • Armored car

  • Armored Vehicle

  • Security Vehicle

Installation services are available in Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia.






Security Cash In Transit Van or Armored car Modification


STEC has the capability of modifying the existing van or vehicle into armored car / vehicle. Protection against Bullet attach and Explosion.

The modification includes features as below:

- Bullet resistance front screen.

- Bullet Resistance side window glass.

- Build bullet and explosion resistance door and body.

- Seal the whole vehicle with steel plate.

- Seal the base on the vehicle with steel plate.

- Build partition into separate compartment, driver side, guard side and cash storage.

- CCTV camera installation and door sensor.


Any security company which intend to convert their vehicle into Bullet and Explosion resistance level can contact us.



Armor proof VIPs vehicle or personal cars.


STEC convert many VIPs official or personal vehicles into Armor, Bullet and Explosion resistance level.

This is an additional protection features at lowest cost compare with fully armored car imported oversea.

Modification options:

- All glasses

- All doors

- Roof

- Base


Total modification would require 7 to 14 days depends on customer requirement.